Have $300,000 Lying Around? Well, Now You Can Spend It On Han Solo’s Blaster.

12.04.13 4 years ago 5 Comments


Of course when you think “Star Wars weapons” your mind immediately goes to lightsabers, but the blasters Luke, Han and company used to shoot holes in Stormtroopers were pretty rad in their own right.

Well, you’ll soon have the opportunity to purchase the most iconic Star Wars blaster of all (assuming you have a few hundred thousand in cash lying around). Later this month several Harrison Ford pieces of memorabilia are being auctioned off, including his blaster from Empire and Jedi, another blaster from Blade Runner and a gun used in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (I have the feeling that last one will be going for a bargain price).

According to those running the auction, this is the only Han Solo blaster that still exists outside of George Lucas’ personal collection (Han’s blaster from the original Star Wars is believed to have been destroyed). So in other words, don’t expect to stumble on another one of these babies at your local swap meet…


I always love how junky most Star Wars props look up close. More modern movies should drop all the CGI and just let their actors play around with garbage.

via Wired

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