5 SF Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

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02.14.12 5 Comments
It’s here, the most dreaded holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day. Where you’re stuck watching a crappy romantic comedy and praying for death.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer, not if you know how to play it. There are plenty of romantic movies that aren’t absolutely godawful, and also happen to be interesting to nerds, as well.

So, if you’ve got a significant other with a taste for weepies, save yourself with these five movies. For some reason, a lot of them involve time travel.

#5) Somewhere In Time

Starring Christopher Reeve, and based on Richard Matheson’s book “Bid Time Return”, this tearjerker is about a man who goes back in time to find the love of his life. Yeah, we know, we know, but it’s a great performance from Christopher Reeve, who never quite got his due as an actor after “Superman” typecast him, and continuing the weird “Superman” theme, this was directed by Jeannot Szwarc, who’d later make “Supergirl”. Seriously.

Also, it uses the “self-hypnosis” gimmick from “The Butterfly Effect”, so that’s a nice weird moment.

#4) Starman

No, not the DC Comics character. This is a romantic action movie directed by John Carpenter. An alien comes to Earth after hearing the gold Voyager record, and assumes the form of a woman’s dead husband. As you may have guessed, they fall in love, but the movie shows both the sweet and ass-kicking side of Carpenter.

#3) Happy Accidents

You probably know Brad Anderson from the creepy “Session 9”, but he’s also got a light touch when it comes to romantic movies, and this is actually one of his best. It’s better not to get to into the details, but it’s a pretty touching movie.

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