72-Year-Old Patrick Stewart Ate His Very First Slice Of Pizza Today

Until this afternoon, 72-year-old Patrick Stewart had never eaten a slice of pizza, and now we know that after being knighted, the Order of the British Empire don’t go to Dominos to celebrate their newest inductee. That’s disappointing. Anyway, I don’t care that he’s from the U.K. — how does someone go seven-plus decades without eating God’s greatest invention, the pizza slice? It naturally begs the question: what other quintessentially American foods hasn’t Patrick Stewart (or as the ladies know him, P-Stew) tried?

-Pigeon, a.k.a. Arby’s?
-Day-old bagels found in a box behind the Dunkin’ Donuts?
-A hot dog from 7-Eleven that’s been spinning on a grill since the late 1980s?
-Something colored blue that ends with the letter “z”?
-One animal stuffed into another animal stuffed into another animal?

It boggles the mind. Related: here is Jaws eating pizza.

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