8 Nintendo Games (Other Than ‘Wind Waker’) Crying Out For An HD Re-Release

A lot of very nice looking games have come out on Nintendo consoles over the past decade, but sadly most received very little recognition due to Nintendo’s lack of support for HD. The Wii in particular had a lot of games that were artistically, stylistically and even technically right up there with Xbox 360 or PS3 games, but never got any credit because they looked like blotchy, blurry crap on a big HD TV.

In honor of the spiffy new HD version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker coming out this week, here’s eight other Gamecube or Wii games in desperate need of an HD re-release…

Endless Ocean: Blue World

Endless Ocean: Blue World was the second of two surprisingly engaging scuba-diving sims on the Wii. The game’s visuals were incredibly calming and it’s marine life models were near photorealistic. HD and perhaps some updated lighting would really make the Endless Ocean games sing.

Metroid Other M

Some Metroid fans had complaints about Samus’ characterization in Metroid Other M, but few would argue the game wasn’t beautiful. Packed with detailed CG cutscenes and only playable in 16:9 the game seems it was designed with HD in mind right from the start.

F-Zero GX

Shockingly detailed considering the blistering pace the game kept at all times, F-Zero GX did things with the Gamecube no other game managed. An HD revival of F-Zero GX may also help stave off the beleaguered racing series’ demise.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Probably the most cinematic game on the Wii, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories featured impressively emotive characters and a great dark atmosphere. It was also the only western-developed Silent Hill game to be any good, and deserves another chance at success.

Mario Galaxy

An obvious choice. Hell, even in standard definition Mario Galaxy looks better than the upcoming HD Mario game Super Mario 3D World. Put both Mario Galaxy and it’s sequel on one Wii U disc for 40 bucks and print yourself some free money Nintendo.

Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors is both the best looking and best-playing 3D Sonic game to date. If Sonic Lost World turns out to be a disappointment (and since it’s a Sonic game, that’s not exactly unlikely) Sega could just quickly release an HD version of Colors and make everybody happy again.

The Last Story

The richly detailed world of The Last Story pushed the Wii right to it’s breaking point, resulting in some pretty serious slowdown at times, so an HD remake wouldn’t just look nicer, it’d play significantly better as well.

Eternal Darkness

So, that spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness is probably never going to be made, but honestly, who would need Shadow of the Eternals if a polished up, HD remake of Eternal Darkness existed? You want to get your hardest of the hardcore buying Wii Us? This is how to do it Nintendo.

Those are my picks. Are there any other underappreciated beauties from the Gamecube or Wii that deserve an HD remake in your opinion?