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ABOVE: First Place Mullet Is Taking The Internet By Storm |More pictures at UPROXX|

INSET PICTURE: Someone on Reddit says this is what the internet-famous computer geek looks like now. Sexy wood paneling there, guy. |BioTV|

The Plot of ‘Two and a Half Men’ Recapped by Bored TV Critics|Warming Glow|

15 Actors Who’d Make Fantastic Russian Generals |UPROXX|

Ryan Gosling says he’ll eventually quit acting to focus on babies |Film Drunk|

The Guest and Worst of Raw 9/19 |With Leather|

Darrelle Revis x Jesse Boykins III For Nike Sportswear “Always On” |Smoking Section|

Conan O’Brien Loves Boobs Too |UPROXX|

Kevin Durant Needs New Friends In His Life |Film Drunk|

Nancy Grace’s Cleavage Cannot Be Unseen |Warming Glow|

The National Anthem Of Your Nightmares |With Leather|

J57 – The Analog Tape |Smoking Section|

Hey Girl, Meet Ryan Gosling’s Abs |Adult Swim|

Actors We Love in Sitcoms That Suck |Pajiba|

7 Shows That Peaked in Season One |Unreality|

The Lovely Ladies Of Oktoberfest 2011 |Buzzfeed|

Bored In The Office? This Is What You Do |I-Am-Bored|

Unsupportive Mom Crushes Young Breakdancer |GorillaMask|

George Clooney Appears in a Bizarre Norwegian Bank Ad |FARK|

Danny DeVito Brings ‘Always Sunny’s’ Gutter Humor to ‘The View’ (VIDEO) |AOL TV|

Six Rotten Tomatoes Movie Ratings that Contradict Popular Opinion |The Smoking Jacket|

20 Additional Albums From 1991 Cameron Crowe Should Turn Into a Documentary |Moviefone|

VIDEO BELOW: These guys in Ontario are the real-life Trailer Park Boys (NSFW language) |via Buzzfeed|

[Banner picture via Reddit.]

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