A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay – August 12th

08.12.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Once again we present our regular Friday comic book cosplay feature, with a selection of  the best costuming from the cosplay community. With so many cosplayers working in the superhero and comics genre, we think there are many costume enthusiasts that deserve a wider audience.

Gamma Squad is committed to giving a voice to the cosplay community. Each week we spotlight our favorite costumes and each month we host a cosplay contest. We’ll be picking a theme for each month and inviting cosplayers, costumers and photographers to submit related pictures of their work to our Flickr group to be considered. We’ll then pick our top choices and post them on Gamma Squad for the adoration of all.

The themes for the upcoming months are:

  • August: The Walking Dead
  • September: The DC Reboot
  • But in the meantime, let’s continue with this week’s selection!

    Speedy(s) cosplay by by Amaya De’Morte. Source: TheSuperheroCostumingForum

    With no sign of the Kevin Smith created Mia Dearden Speedy in the Nu-DC, there’s going to be few opportunities left to see the character. It’s nice to see there’s some love for the character, and Roy Harper, amongst cosplayers. Great costuming here from both!

    Firestar cosplay by Amber Unmasked. Source: Amberunmasked.com

    Amber’s version of Firestar looks like she could have stepped right out of Spider-man & His Amazing Friends. The 80s are back in style!

    Lobo Cosplay by Kentelo on Cosplay.com. Source: Cosplay.com

    This incredible costume should please all Lobo fanboys. Definitely a case of getting every detail correct. Fraggin’ awesome.

    Psylocke cosplay by VampBeauty on Deviantart. Photo by Udon Entertainment’s Long Vo. Source: Deviantart

    This Jim Lee inspired cosplay might not be a practical choice at cons, but it’s certainly a popular one. Vamp’s take is certainly jawdropping.

    The Question cosplay by Josh of The DangerousLadies Group. Source: Deviantart

    This fab cosplay of the Vic Sage version of The Question comes to us courtesy of The Dangerous Ladies cosplay group. More dapper superheroes are always welcome!


    Black Widow and Nick Fury Cosplay  by betherella and steevinlove on Deviantart. Source: Deviantart

    Nick Fury and Black Widow team up in this comics inspired cosplay. And we think you’ll agree these cosplayers really look the part with their perfect costuming.

    The Creeper at Megacon 2009. Photo by I Am Adam. Source: Flickr

    The Creeper might not be the most well-know superhero, but he’s certainly one of the most visually arresting. So much kudos must go to this cosplayer for managing to pull off such a remarkable costume.

    Freefall and Rainmaker Cosplay by Kimberley Money at Dragon*Con 2010. Photo by Nanashi Jones. Source: Flickr

    The 90s return in this cosplay. Two of the members of Gen 13 in action, showing you don’t need huge budgets to pull off some memorable costumes and do justice to the characters you’re portraying.


    Huntress Cosplay by gillykins on Deviantart. Photo by Kevin Chan. Source: Deviantart

    Gillykins recreates the older Huntress costume to perfection and, thanks to some great setting and photography, elevates this cosplay to an even higher level.


    Batmen by the pool at Dragon*Con 2009. Photo by Deadly Lemur. Source: Flickr

    Even Bruce Wayne needs to take some time out to chill, apparently. Or, in this case, Bruce Waynes.

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