A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay – July 15th

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Once again we’re spotlighting the cosplayers who celebrate comic book characters in our weekly feature. Gamma Squad is committed to giving a voice and credit to the cosplay community. Each week there will be a spotlight on our favorite costumes and a monthly cosplay contest in which we’d love for cosplayers to participate.
Each month we’ll be picking a theme and inviting cosplayers, costumers and photographers to submit related pictures of their work to our Flickr group to be considered. We’ll then pick our top choices and post them on Gamma Squad for the adoration of all.
The themes for the upcoming months are:

  • July: The Avengers
  • August: The Walking Dead
  • September: The DC Reboot
  • We hope these themes will inspire all cosplayers! But time now for another selection of what we think is the best of comics cosplay!

    Above Harley Quinn Cosplay by San Smith on Flickr. Source: Flickr

    Harley Quinn is hugely popular amongst cosplayers, but San’s almost flawless with her depiction.

    The Kingpin and Daredevil at Dragon*Con 2007 by Flickr’s MikoZuna. Source: Flickr

    These two cosplayers prove why, when The Kingpin tells you to jump, you ask “How high?”

    Power Girl Cosplay at Wizard World Austin 2010. Photo by Flickr’s Rod Nunley. Source: Flickr

    Another popular character to cosplay and another flawless depiction.

    Beast, Cyclops and Nick Fury at Brisbane Supanova 2009. Beast portrayed by darkbhudda. Photography by Chewxy. Source: Deviantart

    Showing that having a blast in inspired costumes isn’t restricted to female cosplayers, these guys really get into character too.

    Poison Ivy cosplay by Bri, photographed by agentsakur9 on Deviantart. Source: Deviantart

    This Poison Ivy cosplayer really uses her environment to good advantage in this fantastic shot.

    Vampire Jubilee cosplay by TheNinjaBat on Tumblr. Photograph by Baldwin A. Saintilus. Source: Tumblr

    Vampires shouldn’t really photograph, but thankfully TheNinjaBat does, so we can all check out her impressive cosplay of the befanged version of the X-men character.

    The Riddler cosplayed by Cole on Cosplay.com. Source: Cosplay.com

    Riddle me this: Which cosplayer deserves applause for his costume of the most dapper of Batman’s villains?

    Danger Girl: Abby Chase cosplay by Jessica Steele Allen at Celebration FL. Photo by Flickr’s Phillostar Gone Ballistic. Source: Flickr

    J. Scott Campbell’s secret agent gets brought to vivid  life by Jessica Steele Allen in this amazing shot.

    Yellow Lanterns Karu-sil and Sinestro at Mid-Ohio Con 2010. Photo by Flickr’s Babyok. Source: Flickr

    Great attention to detail these costumes of these two Yellow Lanterns. They make quite an eye catching pair.

    Male Dazzler at New York Comic Con via Tumblr’s Kittyglitterbox. Source: Tumblr

    Much kudos to this cosplayer for having the disco balls to put his own stamp on this cosplay of the X-men’s disco diva.

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