A Hitler-Punching Good Time: Trailer And Clip For Doctor Who Season 6.2

07.25.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

If that screencap of Rory punching Hitler in the face doesn’t make you want to see the first episode of Doctor Who Season 6.2 (airing on BBC America on August 27th), then we probably can’t be friends.  That brief scene is in the trailer below, and we also have a clip reel from “The God Complex”, the episode penned by Toby Whithouse (Being Human).  We also have some footage from the San Diego Comic-Con red carpet of Karen Gillan talking about the Con and announcing she’s signed for the 14 episodes of Season 7.  Here’s something else we learned from the Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con:

Smith said that Moffat just gave him a fez because he kept “bleating on” about wanting the Doctor to have a hat — so Moffat gave the Doctor the stupidest hat he could think of. And now everybody loves it. But Smith hinted that the Doctor’s stetson would be playing an important role in the upcoming episodes. [io9]

Fezzes are cool.

The videos are below.  They’re chock full of weirdness, like Nazis, Winston Churchill fixin’ to bust some caps, Amy Pond wearing armor and wielding a katana, Hitler crediting the Doctor for saving his life, weeping angels, Rory punching Hitler in his stupid Hitler face, a sad clown, and a minotaur.  I have the weirdest boner right now.

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