A Star Trek Fan Turned His Company’s Headquarters Into The Enterprise

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You probably know NetDragon Websoft best for games like Heroes of Might and Magic Online. Developing these games has been very profitable for the Chinese company, so much so, in fact, that Liu Dejian, the owner of the company and a huge Star Trek fan, decided to… indulge himself when building the company’s new headquarters.

Believe it or not, this is an officially licensed building: Dejian approached CBS, which owns the rights, directly. This apparently cost $100 million to put together, although we assume that was more for the dilithium research than the actual construction. It also features a life-size replica of a T-rex skeleton, and what we’re assuming is one amazing cafeteria because, come on, you need a good cafeteria at that price tag.

Granted, the interior is probably slightly more restrained than the Star Trek flat, although that story admittedly didn’t end so great. But these game developers still get to work in the Enterprise: That has be a selling point in the interview.

(via WSJ, CNN Money)

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