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Prepare to be blown away with innovation*, because the geniuseseseses over at ABC have just developed their next reinvention of the pilot season wheel: a drama about a family of superheroes titled…wait for it…wait for it…No Ordinary Family. Now sound the “amazing concept noise“!

Set to star Mr. Clean’s older brother, Michael Chiklis (The Shield, Fantastic Four) and former Dexter alum, Julie Benz, the No Ordinary Family pilot will focus on a regular fam on the brink of discovering their powers and adapting to control them.

“Family” revolves around a typical American family led by Jim (Michael Chiklis), a once aspiring artist-turned-police artist, who suddenly finds themselves with new “abilities.”

Benz […] will play Jim’s wife, a gifted scientist who develops a power for superspeed. [THR]

You know, I enjoyed The Incredibles just as much as the next 6-year-old, but I’m not going to slap the word “drama” across the same concept and then hand it in as my community college homework. NBC had Heroes, Disney Channel filmed Sky High, TBS makes House of Payne…wait, that’s kind of the opposite of this, isn’t it?

Regardless, I’m curious to see how this idea translates once execs actually see what they’ve just produced. Hopefully the pilot can launch further episodes, because Lord knows I can’t wait for the “superhero kids hit puberty” sub-plot.

“Mom, something happened in the bathroom just now…I sh-t lightening.”

* “Innovation” is going to be my new male stripper name.


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