Jake Busey Has Some Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Parody Sequels For You

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter may have bombed at the box office this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have an Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter parody. It’s not kicking them while they’re down if it’s hilarious, right? That’s what my mom tells me (she’s awful).

Funny Or Die has a parody you have to check out if you liked Filmdrunk’s 10 failed presidential monster movie mashups or if you’re salivating for FDR: American Badass! to be added to Netflix Instant Watch. Funny Or Die’s parody was written by Nick Corirossi and Dave Ferguson and directed by Corirossi and Charles Ingram.

Check out the video below, starring Jake Busey as both Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt, Casper Van Dien as James Polk, Mark Dacascos as Millard Fillmore, Paul Rust as Warren Harding, Joe Chandler as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Bob Turton as Andrew Jackson the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Hunter.

I’m so pumped for these sequels. I’m going to contact them to let them know I’m a Frankenstein wrestler, right after Pinteresting this on Pinterest.

[Hat tip and a broken five to /film]