Alex Kurtzman Gives Us Hope For An R-Rated ‘Venom’

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09.11.14 21 Comments


As terrible as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was, at least Sony’s making a serious effort to do something different with Spidey. First off, we’ve got a villain team movie coming, and there’s a female-led movie on the docket as well. And then, we’ve got Venom… which is starting to sound promising.

When asked what he was thinking about for Venom, the movie he’s supposed to write and direct, Alex Kurtzman had this to say to MTV News:

“The idea,” Kurtzman explained, “is that you can do things with Venom that you can’t do with Spider-Man. Venom is the representation of every line that will get crossed…He’s a much darker character.”

OK, so perhaps it’s a pipe dream, but we’d love to see an R-rated Venom movie. Honestly, Venom is a tricky character because, well, he’s mostly just an evil, whiny Spidey. Don’t pretend you didn’t want to slap Eddie Brock around for whining about how all his problems were Spider-Man’s fault. It’s sad when a supervillain is codependent.

Of course, he does also have to be the hero of this particular story, which presents something of its own challenges, not least that Spidey likely will barely be in the story, so either Venom is a straight-up villain or we’re going to see Carnage in this movie as well.

Or they could turn it into a horror movie. Either way, it all seems open: Kurtzman is writing the script and the movie is currently targeted for 2017. Just make it good, Sony. That’s really all we ask.

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