All the Fun of Shaking a Baby

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05.25.10 5 Comments

Majesco Entertainment, makers of Cooking Mama, are looking to break into the lucrative moralistic high school home ec assignment market with a game that simulates all the fun of babysitting a newborn.  The game even comes with a baby doll peripheral you can drop on the floor before being court ordered into virtual family counseling (I would assume).

Due out this holiday season for the Nintendo Wii, Babysitting Mama features more than 40 different activities, all revolving around a plush baby with a Wii remote stuffed inside of it.  Players will rock the baby, bounce the baby, feed the baby, and change the baby, all the while trying not to stare in horror at the nunchuck cord snaking out from the depths of the baby’s innards. [Kotaku]

So what happens if you throw the peripheral into a dryer?  Do you triforce? Can Majesco have Babysitting Mama do a crossover with their successful Cooking Mama series and call it Cooking Baby?  Can this post not devolve into a bunch of dead baby jokes?  Depends on how hard you throw them.

This peripheral reminds me of the Wiiwaa promo from 6 months ago.  Here’s a video of that:

I know this is for little kids, but I totally want one.

P.S. I don’t have a tire iron in the trunk of my car.

[pictures via GamePro]

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