Allow Neil Cicierega To Dubiously Introduce The Various Races Of Star Trek

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08.22.14 6 Comments

Somehow this slipped past our radar when it was released last week, which is a shame, because, as somebody who was raised on Star Trek, I of course love it whenever my tribe of nerds is roundly mocked by some other nerd. And this is superb mockery.

If the name Neil Cicierega sounds familiar, he’s one of those guys that’s actually made a career of Internet comedy. He recently used Weezer to destroy Weezer, but he actually has been trolling the Internet for more than a decade, now. If you were on Newgrounds way back in the day, you might remember the animutation fad: That’s Cicierega’s fault. You might also remember him from Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, or from the absolutely bizarre Potter Puppet Pals, which, well, here’s a good explanation in one GIF:


Neil Cicierega

So, yeah, his brand of comedy is a little offbeat. On the other hand, he also perfectly captures the kind of clueless yet condescending nerd we all meet at least once in our lives, usually about to “correct” us on some TV show or another. Besides, he’s right: The Ferengi totally would be freegans, but they’d be way less annoying about it.

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