I See Spider-Man Has Played Knifey Spooney Before

06.18.12 6 years ago

If you haven’t seen every minute of The Amazing Spider-Man yet from all the previous clips we’ve posted (like these and these), you’re in luck. Another reason you can count yourself among the lucky is that you don’t have to go to Walmart to see this clip which was on a DVD included with reprints of “Amazing Spider-Man 6” for sale at Walmart.

Someone has uploaded part of that DVD online with a bit edited out in the middle and replaced with a clip from a trailer to help bridge the gap. The three and a half minute scene is the longest one released so far, in which we get to see the smartass Spidey we know from the comics mess with a carjacker, mouth off at a cop, and then make good his escape. I particularly liked this exchange:

Cop: “Who are you?”

Spider-Man: “No one seems to grasp the concept of the mask.”

On the other hand, the “small knives, my only weakness” line seems to be gone in this version, and the knife in this scene appears larger. I guess we’ll have to wait until July 3rd to see which version makes the final cut.

[Hat tip and an assortment of small knives to BleedingCool.]

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