“Amazing Spider-Man”‘s Lizard Looks…Pretty Bland

11.30.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Or: what happens when Voldemort and a Gorn get drunk one night, one thing leads to another, and then a gestation cycle later…

Yep, that’s a spoiler that also happens to be a Pez dispenser. Damn you, Pez, and your spoilery ways!

It’s not that we really expected them to use any of the looks from the comics, because the Lizard has always, as a villain, been a bit silly in terms of design. Twisted Toyfare Theater said it best: nobody takes a gecko in a lab coat seriously.

Still, this is a surprisingly bland look for a movie that’s working pretty hard to get things right (take a look at how Andrew Garfield looks in the suit and compare it to the first Spidey stories: it’s pretty much a perfect match). It looks like a Cardassian had a wacky accident at a paint factory or something.

This isn’t going to ruin our interest in the movie, but it’s still a bit disappointing. Still better than James Franco’s “Hobgoblin” “costume”, though.

[ via the Pez fans at Comic Book Movie

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