Amazing Transformers and Links

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Epic YouTube City Council Fails [Uproxx]

How much cash is you butt worth? [UproxxNews]

Steven Seagal singing “me want the poonani” in a Jamaican accent [Filmdrunk]

Norm MacDonald developing a show for Comedy Central [WarmingGlow]

LOLNFL captioned photos [

NFL not an acceptable excuse for jury duty [WithLeather]

Trailer for Still Bill [TheSmokingSection]

Meet Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer [Buzzfeed]

10 Most Devastating Non-Football Hits Ever [BleacherReport]

7 Much Needed New Features For The New Twitter [EgoTV]

Video Game Tattoos [UGO]

Mario: The Most Talented Video Game Character Ever? [Unreality]

“Scratching Many Capybaras.” This guy is living the dream. [Urlesque]

VIDEO: “Hey, why is everyone gathered around that ordinary-looking toy caHO. LY. CRAP.” [TheDailyWhat]

[Banner pic via Julia Segal.]

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