Amber Heard Describes Her Badass-Sounding Costume In ‘Aquaman’ And ‘Justice League’

Entertainment Editor

Two months ago, we heard Amber Heard (Drive Angry, The Danish Girl) was in talks to play Mera — love interest of Aquaman and future queen of Atlantis — in Aquaman and both Justice League movies. Now she’s confirmed her casting in an interview with ET Online (video above).

The first Justice League film starts shooting next month, and director Zack Snyder has already been teasing the costumes, so interviewer Katie Krause asked Heard if she’s tried on her Mera costume yet. She has, and she attempted to describe it. “It’s interesting. It’s like, half suit of armor, half scales. It’s strange. It’s strange. We’re in the process of building it now, so it’s coming along.”

That armor/scales combo sounds like it’s going to be a good match for the attire of her love interest, Aquaman (Jason Momoa).

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