An Original NES Is Now Officially Worth More Than A Wii System

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04.11.14 2 Comments


Via imgur

I remember when the Wii system first came out. An ex I was living with at the time was determined to get one, and on the morning of the Wii release, after passing by both Target and Best Buy with lines wrapping clear around each box store — he strolled into a Sears and procured one only three systems allotted to the declining department store.

Fast forward to 2014 — according to this imgur photo, you can now purchase a Wii system at Goodwill for the low, low price of $24.99. Or for just five dollars more, than you can purchase a Nintendo NES!

Personally, I’d go with the NES. We have a Wii that my husband plays sometimes, but mostly it just gets used for Netflix, and when it gets used for Netflix it’s also accompanied with copious complaints that WHY ISN’T THE CURSOR SHOWING UP ON THE SCREEN I CAN’T GET THIS THING TO WORK (I might as well be eighty-years-old).

My beloved NES, however, is currently set up in my office with a Tupperware wreath box full of games, is used on the regular and that mofo still works. Dr. Mario, b*tches!

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