And the Next Two Characters Revealed for “Marvel Vs. Capcom 3″ Are…

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11.17.10 4 Comments

So, the latest two characters for “Marvel vs. Capcom 3” were revealed, and one’s attractive in a way that doesn’t make me seek therapy, so she’s the one getting the image. On a side note, you have to like how Marvel tried to make a cover dignified and powerful, but still kept the skirt short enough that it’s nearly an upskirt pic.
Anyway, as you might have guessed, She-Hulk is one of the characters revealed, although more is made of her muscular, toned physique than it is of her ability to break the fourth wall (which is too bad, since Deadpool could use somebody to talk to). The other is the purdy blonde, I mean Mega Man character Zero.  Oh, and we’ll also see Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath as downloadable content.  Trailers, as usual, under the jump:

[ via Kotaku and Comics Alliance ]

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