This Animatronic Admiral Ackbar Costume Is Decidedly A Trap

Yesterday we were talking about cheap homemade Halloween costumes. Today we’re awestruck by a not-remotely-cheap homemade Halloween costume. This animatronic Admiral Ackbar costume includes servos in the eyes to make him blink and a fan to keep it cool. It was made as a collaboration between Daniel Valdez and Tom Cuthbert AKA Mr. Bungle. It’s already set up to add two more servos, and Valdez plans to use them to make the mouth move. After all, what good is an Admiral Ackbar costume if he can’t effectively warn us of impending snares, lures, machinations, and tricks?

The head and hands were each custom molded then loaded to the gills with electronically controlled servo motors for some impressively realistic movements. Yep, this Ackbar can wink at us. [Obvious Winner]

Loaded to the gills you say? That’s piscist!

Check out the pictures and videos below to meet the people who just won Halloween.

A couple more pictures are available at Obvious Winner, which is also what this costume is.