Another Look At The Hellfire Club In X-Men: First Class

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03.03.11 2 Comments

Empire Magazine posted a new film still from X-Men: First Class (after the jump since it could be a spoiler, trailer here) showing Emma Frost (January Jones) and Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) in the Hellfire Club.  You can’t be a supervillain without the requisite number of mirrors and blue florescent lights installed vertically.

CBM transcribed some quotes from the interview, including Kevin Bacon saying Shaw “really believes that mutants are the master race” and January Jones saying, “Before I came here, I was frightened and curious. You can’t just paint on an outfit! I only do projects set in the ’60s with Men in the title! But I get to wear crazy outfits and fight and be telepathic. It’s a lovely change of pace.”  We beg to differ on that painted-on outfit statement, but the white pleather in the picture below is okay, too. This Hellfire club still seems to be missing something, though, so I made an improved version:

The original picture (click for full size):


This dance club is the cat’s meow!

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