Arkham City Has Five Times As Many Walls Batman Can Punch You Through

09.23.10 8 years ago

Some details have come out about Rocksteady Games’ sure-to-be-amazing Batman: Arkham City, which is the sequel to the still-amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum. While we knew it was going to be bigger than the first game, as it goes off of Arkham Island to a walled off section of Gotham that all the criminals from Blackgate and looneys from Arkham have been dumped into. (Man, I’d hate to have the paper route in that neighborhood.), we didn’t know just how big it would be.

According to the Official PlayStation Magazine:

The fenced-off area is five times the size of Arkham Asylum. Batman, obviously, doesn’t like it: “He’s been monitoring this place,” said director Sefton Hill. “He’s worried. He thinks it’s a time-bomb waiting to explode into the streets of Gotham.”

So, it’s going to be five times as big as Arkham (although, Arkham did go pretty far down…it makes you wonder how tall the buildings are going to be in the Arkham City?)

Other bit of interesting info:

  • Batman has a new gadget: The Grapple Boost, which launches him into the air and can allow him to use a dive attack against targets on the ground
  • Batman can use two ziplines to swing like Spider-Man.
  • There will be side quests where you get to solve crimes. (I’m betting we also see a return of the “forensic trail” feature from the first one.)
  • Batman can punch criminals through walls, ala Robocop or the Dark Knight…or anything else Frank Miller’s ever worked on.
  • There’s a lot of speculation that there might be a two-player co-op mode, especially since you rescue Catwoman in one of the demo missions. Heck, if they want an easy palette swap option, why not play as Catman, who’s essentially just an orange Batman?

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