‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Roy Snaps As Ollie Tries To Hunt Him Down Tonight

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04.23.14 262 Comments
You couldn't have done this in season one, Roid?

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You couldn't have done this in season one, Roid?

Roy Harper hasn’t been having a good season on Arrow. He broke up with his girlfriend, he got exposed to supersteroids, and now he’s just going all Hulk all over Starling City. Here’s what you missed last week, and what to expect tonight.

When we last left our motley crew:

  • Slade beat up Ollie, Diggle, and Felicity in their own house and stole their stuff.
  • Then he used Roid to pump a bunch of convicts full of supersteroids, like you do.
  • Quentin got beaten up and released, thanks to Laurel’s blackmail superpowers.
  • Ollie tried to thwart the evil plan, and mostly failed. Hey, he freed Roy and got Isabel shot, so that’s something.
  • And Slade pumped Isabel full of said supersteroids, so that should be fun to explain at the next Queen Consolidated board meeting.

This episode mostly centers around the fallout of Roid being, well, a massive rage case who can crush skulls like they’re candy. Here, have a preview!

Also, it appears he will completely lose it at, where else, a Moira Queen campaign rally, because those never go well in Starling City. Also, how bad is Sebastian Blood polling that Moira, who killed a bunch of poor people, has an actual chance to win?

The shenanigans start here at 8pm EST. Join us, won’t you?

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