‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Slade, Violence, And Family Drama

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04.16.14 227 Comments

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When Arrow last left us, Slade was pretty much screwing up everything about Ollie’s life. And apparently, he’s going to keep up the pressure as the show returns this week for a straight run from now until next May.

When we last left our heroes (and Laurel):

  • Slade kidnapped Thea, or so we thought: It turned out to be a distraction so Slade could hijack a prisoner transport.
  • That didn’t mean Slade wasn’t perfectly happy to drive a wedge between Ollie and Thea by outing her true parentage, something Thea did not take well.
  • Slade also tipped Laurel off to the obvious, namely that her boyfriend is a nutty vigilante.
  • Isabel returned to confusingly somehow take over Queen Enterprises despite Ollie owning a fair chunk of stock.
  • The Starling City PD arrested Quentin, meaning that basically the city is now under martial law.
  • And on Flashback Island, basically everything goes to hell.

What happens this episode? Well, beatings, explosions, and more beatings, if the preview is any indication:

As usual, we’ll start the liveblog shenanigans at 8pm EST. Join us, won’t you?

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