Ubisoft Doesn’t Expect ‘Assassin’s Creed’ To Make Much Money, But Here’s Michael Fassbender Shirtless Anyway

Fassassin’s Creed — er, Assassin’s Creed — is dropping into theaters this December 21st, but the rightsholders don’t seem particularly concerned over how much money it’ll make. Assassin’s Creed will be the first movie Ubisoft’s new motion pictures division will release. They’re also developing The Division (with Jake Gyllenhaal attached), Watch Dogs, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, which had Tom Hardy attached back in 2012.

Ubisoft’s European boss Alain Corre spoke about the company not expecting the film to make much money in an interview with MCV, which coincides with the official Twitter releasing two new pictures of Fassbender with the familiar tagline, “We work in the dark to serve the light.”

Corre was particularly blunt:

“We are not going to earn a lot of money from it. It is a lot more a marketing thing, it is also good for the image of the brand. Although we will make some money, it is not the purpose of this movie. The purpose is to bring Assassin’s Creed to more people. We have our core fans, but what we would like is to put this franchise in front of a lot more people who, maybe, will then pick up future Assassin’s Creed games.”

Well, that was honest. And maybe the movie really will draw in new fans who’ll buy upcoming games or delve into the huge back catalog of games and DLC. It’s a wondrous world of broken content and hilarious glitches. But more importantly, this movie is going to bring us at least one scene of Michael Fassbender shirtless and fighting, so it’s definitely not a loss.

Pictured: Somebody working in the dark, possibly to serve the light.

(Via MCV, Screen Rant, and @AssassinsCreed)