‘Astro City’, ‘Original Sins’ And Other Comics Of Note, June 11th

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DC Comics

It’s a big week for new books, with quite a few number ones hitting the stands. Here’s a full review of all of them, plus reviews of books from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, Boom! Studios, IDW Publishing, Dynamite and Radco.

Infinity Man And The Forever People #1


DC Comics

Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen go all Jack Kirby on us, once again. Truthfully, this was always a goofy book, and DiDio and Giffen do a pretty good job of staying true to the spirit. At the same time, though, the Fourth World seems better as a condiment than a main dish.

Original Sins #1

Screenshot 2014-06-11 at 11.17


A collection of side stories following along with Marvel’s crossover, this is actually a mix of stories. We get our first look at the new Deathlok, a Young Avengers story, and the dark gritty past of Lockj-OK, fine, the Lockjaw story is really just adorable. Nothing essential to the crossover, but a fun mix of stories.

Figment #1



Jim Zub’s sense of humor lends itself well to this particular type of book, with Marvel assigned to add some stories to Disney’s rides. In this case, it’s the child-like purple dragon and his somewhat steampunkish discoverer/best friend, and it works mostly because Zub grounds the book in a real desire. It’s a book about dreams, and a pretty sweet and engaging on.

Red City #1

red city 1

Image Comics

Excise the aliens and the setting, and that’s a lot easier to do than you might think, and Daniel Corey has basically another cliched noir book. Mark Dos Santos has some fun with the art, but it’s a little flat and lacking in whimsy to be really engaging, especially compared to other books like this on the stands such as Fuse.

Morella And The Murders On The Rue Morgue


Dark Horse

Richard Corben’s slightly tonally off adaptations of Poe continue. They’re supposed to be tributes to the EC Comics of old, and Corben’s art is well-suited to the material, but Mag the Hag cracking one-liners at the end feels out of place. Fun for classic horror fans, and Corben’s art is as usual spotless.

Angry Birds #1


IDW Publishing

Yes, you read that correctly. IDW is putting out an Angry Birds comic. They’ve put some talent behind it, too, with Paul Tobin and Jeff Parker handling the writing, and a suite of artists pitching in. The results are… cute, I suppose, although it’s weird to see the birds talk. Worth it if there’s a kid you know who likes the game.

The Empty Man #1

the empty man

Boom! Studios

Cullen Bunn and Vanesa Del Rey deliver a low-key horror comic about a contagion, called only “The Empty Man.” And it’s actually quite a good little skincrawler; Del Ray’s art is well-suited to showing horrible things while only hinting at their true nature. A nice little chiller for the summer months.

Armor Hunters #1



Heavily armed religious fanatics from space? This will end well. Valiant’s summer crossover kicks off with a bang, and it promises to be a fairly intense read. It helps that it’s four issues long, one must admit. Either way, worth reading for Valiant fans.

The Blood Queen #1

the blood queen 1


This is a solid, competent fantasy comic, albeit Fritz Casas overinks his art considerably. But Troy Brownfield’s script doesn’t really feel like it needed a comic; this could just as easily have been a novel and is carried largely by dialogue. Hopefully there’s a little more visual imagination in the writing going forward.

Dicks: End Of Time #1

dicks end of time 1


Garth Ennis and John McCrae have rent to pay, so out comes this “outrageous” comic that’s really more dull than anything else. The first two pages are basically a profane monologue from a priest, and it gets less subtle from there. McCrae has fun with the cartooning, but ultimately, this book is so dull and juvenile, it’s not worth the few funny parts.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night #1

Screenshot 2014-06-11 at 12.23


A prequel of sorts to the Iranian vampire western that will be taking art cinemas by storm later this year, this comic does a good job establishing the world created by Ana Lily Amirpour. It’s an undeniably weird little comic, but Michael DeWeese shadowy, vivid art is pretty well done, and hell, it’s only a buck on Comixology. Give it a shot if you like odd horror comics.

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