Awesome Bro Mods Game Controller For One-Handed Brother

08.13.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Hasse instead modified a GameCube controller to be played with just the right hand.  He moved the L button to the right hand trigger finger placement, cutting a new hole in the controller, and put a motion sensor inside that allows his brother to tilt the controller to change direction.

After cracking it open and relocating a few bits and pieces, he then shoved an ATtiny44A, an accelerometer and a digital-to-analog converter within. Crazier still, he even included a toggle switch to select the analog stick or D-pad, depending on preference. [Engadget]

You can see him testing it out on Mario Kart below.  Takes some getting used to, for sure, but totally awesome.  This guy rules.  The only time my brothers ever built something for me was when they hung a baseball bat from the ceiling, put a masking tape “X” on the ground, and tried to get me to stand on it.  Like I was going to fall for that again.

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