Awesome Rubber Band Guns

Entertainment Editor

Metalworker and YouTube user pandamakura makes complex rubber band guns out of metal.  The first clip below shows off a gun which shoots ten rubber bands before reloading, includes a laser sight, has an LED light for dark rooms, and could seriously drive a cat to madness. The second clip is his interview on Mezamashi TV in Japan, where he shows off some of his other guns, including a machine gun that sprays 30 rubber bands in about 2 seconds.

He says that his hobby sometimes causes trouble at home, since his wife doesn’t like finding rubber bands strewn about the house in random places. [JapanProbe]

SHOOT HER.  Rubber bands in random places are the price you pay for awesome. (Words to live by. Don’t steal them; I’m titling my autobiography this.)  Where were these guns when I was a kid?  We would have had a field day with them, and anyway, having an eyepatch when you grow up is pretty cool right?  Yeah, it would have worked out fine.

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