A Barcelona Wax Museum Is Courting Geek Wrath By Plunking E.T. Into Their ‘Star Wars’ Display

Wax museums can be notoriously strange places. Either the faces are uncannily accurate or they are just horror shows of questionable design choices. Barcelona’s Museu de Cera appears to be the latter. In a move that will certainly enrage nerds everywhere, the curators of said wax museum decided that E.T. should be a fixture in this Star Wars themed exhibit.

Sure, eagle eyed fans noticed some familiar looking extra terrestrials turning up in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, but this is clearly an Episode IV: A New Hope themed exhibit, so the complaint still stands.

Honestly, though, the presence of E.T. is one of the least baffling things in that visual travesty. Not only is Princess Leia rocking a smoky eye that would make a drag queen proud, but she and Han appear to be a few years away from collecting social security (if the Rebel Alliance has that kind of thing). Also, that bleached Prince Valiant nightmare perched atop Luke’s head is even worse than the shaggy hairdo he actually sported. At least they had the decency to get his lightsaber color correct.

So, is this deliberate trolling, a misguided attempt to cash in on fan enthusiasm, or do the good people at Museu de Cera buy into the shared universe theory? We may never know.

(H/T Mashable)