“Batman: Arkham City” Looks All Right

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03.16.11 4 Comments

A new “okay, that was awesome” trailer is out for “Arkham Asylum” follow-up “Arkham City” (new trailer below, previous trailer Europe (in yo’ face, rest of the world!).  The game will have an environment five times larger than that of Arkham Asylum, and you’ll get lots of wonderful toys.  The trailer below may have also revealed another villain:

One of the most interesting images in the trailer comes at the 26-second mark. Here, a man is getting pounded by a pair of men in black — presumably Hugo Strange’s private force that’s securing Arkham City. Thing is, the man on the receiving end of the beating looks a lot like the Black Mask, a Batman villain well known in the comics. In fact, the character in the trailer looks exactly like the drawing of Black Mask that was in the original Batman: Arkham Asylum profiles section.

Is this Black Mask? We asked Warner Bros., but a spokesperson wouldn’t say. “We have only confirmed Catwoman, Two-Face, Harley, The Joker, Riddler, Calendar Man and Zsasz,” a spokesperson said. [IGN]

Rocksteady says their game can be finished in eight hours if you don’t do side missions or go exploring.  Yeah, well, I’m going to spend 20 hours punching random things at will regardless.

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