‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Debuts A Beautiful Gameplay Trailer

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05.21.14 18 Comments

Batman: Arkham Knight will be Rocksteady’s final entry in the series they’ve pioneered. And they’re going out with a bang, if this trailer is any indication.

This “gameplay trailer” is really more about showing off how much prettier the graphics are in this latest entry, and also some of the fun you can have with the Batmobile, which looks like a mix of the 1989 version and the Tumbler. See for yourself:

We’re just going to be doing this pretty much constantly:

Is it just us, or is Two-Face there particularly gross with fancier graphics? There’s plenty of interest here: We see what appears to be the Scarecrow giving a shout-out to Nightmare On Elm Street, and what’s definitely Oracle, Penguin, and Jim Gordon. Also, that’s definitely not Alfred talking to Batman.

Of particular interest is the Arkham Knight, a gun-packing Batman analogue that Rocksteady claims is an entirely new character, and who also has apparently been hiring; the trailer mostly consists of Batman beating up mooks dressed like the guy. Considering the overwhelming theme of fear and the tendency of these games to mess with Batman’s head, we’re betting that there’s a bit more to him than just some dude in a suit.

Batman: Arkham Knight arrives October 14th. Breathless speculation about the game actually starts now, in the comments.

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