‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Gets A Trailer For Its Trailer

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05.16.13 12 Comments

Remember when teaser trailers were trailers, instead of being sources for teasers to the teaser trailer, because the teaser trailer is usually leaked once the teaser trailer for the teaser trailer goes online? Me too. But, hey, more Batman is always good!

Honestly, this is little more than Warner Bros. Montreal demonstrating the game will have some incredibly pretty cutscenes, but then again, it’s a clip of Batman and Deathstroke going toe-to-toe:

We’ll see the full trailer next Monday, and we’ll be curious to see if any gameplay is included in that. By all accounts, WB Montreal is not trying to reinvent the wheel, stating that it’ll be an open-world game, and it’ll probably have the mix of overworld and dungeon-crawling that made Arkham City so great. And there will be no shortage of villains.

Personally, what we really want to see is more discussion of the detective mini-games. Apparently Batman’s ability as a detective is key to many side missions, allowing him to gather clues, solve crimes, and improve his reputation among the people of Gotham and the GCPD. Also there will be villain-hunting side-missions, meaning that once again, Batman doesn’t get a break on Christmas.

We’ll be curious to see the trailer next week, although we have to ask… any chance of a CGI Bat-movie?

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