Batman Exists And He Robbed A McDonald’s, Also Drives A Honda

10.14.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Congratulations, if you’ve already read that headline it means now that basically you’re an official member of the Belmont Police Department, because that’s pretty much all the info that they’ve got on their latest case. Yep, seems around 9:00pm Tuesday night, an individual pulled up in a silver, 2-door Honda, entered the McDonald’s establishment wearing a Batman suit, along with vampire teeth, and then demanded an undetermined amount of money from the restaurant manager. The man was described at being a 5’10” Hispanic male with an approximate weight around 230 pounds. Probably some kind of hockey player.

And while police still haven’t found the 230 POUND DUDE IN A BATMAN COSTUME , fear not because there’s still plenty of enjoyment to milk from this story -specifically via the SFexaminer website who first reported the robbery. Seems that some of the site’s commenters can’t find the humor in a, dare I say again, 230 POUND DUDE IN A BATMAN COSTUME .

Bleeding heart examples after the jump:

dominical 8 hours ago:

Seems unnecessary to write in this manner. Robberies are not a joke and you’re no comedian. Lack of class and unprofessional as a “journalist”.

sss 7 hours ago:

ONCE AGAIN this is not a fictional story. This is real life. It is not funny, cool, intelligent etc… writing stories in this manner. Wow, just wow

Not that I’m advocating robbery, but I think it takes a certain kind of person to allow a *clears throat* 230 POUND DUDE IN A BATMAN COSTUME to rob your establishment. Where some people believe this type of situation should be approached with fear, I can’t help but think that I’d die from laughter first, long before a 230 POUND DUDE IN A BATMAN COSTUME shot me in the face.

*fingers crossed*

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