Batman Gets All Misty In These New ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ TV Spots

10.17.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

You don’t generally associate Batman with getting all nostalgic, but apparently getting decked will do that to you. At least if these new spots for Batman: Arkham Origins are to be believed.

The first one is a little Polar Express at first. But once the concept becomes clear, it’s actually pretty neat:

There’s only so many different ways to cover this ground, so that’s actually pretty interesting. Especially the Bat-beating; it’s hard to land a shot on Batman. The second is a bit more… lighthearted:

Apparently Batman will stuff you through a car door if you tick him off. Which seems more or less in line with the overarching theme of Bats being a slightly more… hostile version of himself.

We’ll have all the fun come October 25th, a rare Friday release date for a video game but one that’s starting to become a theme among DC games. Until then, let’s speculate wildly about the eighth assassin; me, I think it’s Zebraman’s time to shine!

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