“Batman Live!” Has Some TV Ads?

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So, while “Spider-Man: Turn Offs Include Men Who Come On Too Strong” has been proving the Marvel Curse that used to afflict the films now applies to stage shows, “Batman Live!” has been quietly rehearsing, building sets, and getting ready to tour the world. You haven’t heard much about it because it hasn’t injured any stuntmen for stupid reasons.
Anyway, this thing is almost ready to roll out across the world, and that means they now have to sell a whole bunch of tickets, which in turn means advertising, which in turn means I get to make fun of both of my ancestral homelands, Germany and England, for their terrible taste in advertising. The spots, with a light seasoning of commentary, after the jump.

First, there’s this one, which consists entirely of, God help us, bullet time. It at least gives us a good look at the costumes, which range from excellent (Batman, Penguin) to cheesy (Poison Ivy, Joker) to “Who’s That Supposed To Be Again?” (yes, the chick who can’t play evil or insane to save her life is Harley Quinn. But don’t take it too badly, whoever you are, because you’re adorable.)

Meanwhile, this is how you sell something in Germany, apparently: with an elaborate computer fly-through of the sets. “The action is awesome, but you’ll just have to take our word for it. It’s so awesome. Totally. COMPUTER SET!”
If you want to understand what they’re saying, I’ve included a quick video German lesson:

See, wasn’t that helpful?
[ via the Rogues Gallery at Comics Alliance ]

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