Batman Sings the Powerpuff Girls Theme

Entertainment Editor
12.15.10 2 Comments

At least two awesome things are going to come out of The Fighter, with Mark Wahlberg and Christian “the gawdamn Batman” Bale.  The first is Wahlberg’s For Your Consideration video. If he doesn’t get an Oscar for that performance, he should put all these hard-on awahhd shows in his reah view. The second thing, seen below, is an interview on “Popcorn with Peter Travers”.

I have no idea which planets aligned for this to happen, but Bale started singing the Powerpuff Girls theme, then Wahlberg broke out the Dirk Diggler and belted out the prosthetic a couple bars of “The Touch” by Stan Bush.  Such emotion. I can really feel it feel it.

[You got the touch, EpicPonyz. You got the power, DeanTrippe.]

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