It’s A Giant Lizard Murder Mystery In This Exclusive Preview Of Next Week’s ‘Batman/Superman’

Generally, Batman solves the murder mysteries and Superman deals with the giant lizard people. But what happens when a murder mystery features the confusing death of a giant lizard person? Well, that’s when the world’s finest have to team up to both solve a mystery and deal with the fallout.

This is a flashback to both Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in their prime, before they both experienced setbacks. Clark has currently lost most of his powers, his secret identity, and a fair chunk of his inhibitions to go with it. He’s been driving trucks, jobbing to ancient gods in an independent pro-wrestling circuit, and uncovering the vast, ancient conspiracy of Vandal Savage.

Bruce, meanwhile, has only recently regained his memories of his time as Batman, thanks to a war with the Joker and an extended time away from the cowl as just Bruce Wayne, nice guy who works with local homeless kids. So, for these guys, going back to the time they solved a giant lizard murder is remembering the good ol’ days. Of course, this isn’t your typical murder mystery…

To see how this flashback plays out, and to see Batman beat Lobo like a rented mule, pick up Batman/Superman #29, out Wednesday on stands and digitally.