This Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Should Be At The Top Of Your Holiday Wish List

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Batman Tumbler 1

How many times has it happened to you where you’re out on the golf course, when all of a sudden, the Riddler shows up and threatens to drop one of his question mark bombs on the 18th hole just as you’re about to sink your birdie putt? I’m betting a lot. Well good news, friends, because now you don’t have to be worry about being caught without your utility belt, thanks to this custom, one-of-a-kind Batman tumbler golf cart that can finally be yours on eBay, all for the low, low price of $17,500.

Now, I know you may be thinking, “Burnsy, we’re not all rolling in that Wayne Enterprises orphan inheritance cheddar, how are we supposed to afford $17,500?” That’s a good question, and the answer is not “Turn to a life of crime,” because that would be contradictory. But while you figure out how much plasma and bone marrow you’d have to sell to buy this before the auction ends in just under four days, let’s check out some of the specs.

Batman Tumbler 3

We started off with an EZ-Go Golf-Cart, then stripped it down to the frame and 4 cup holders.

You will find no cheap or plastic parts here…

The entire vehicle is hand crafted from the frame and sheet metal, including a sculpted, molded cowl, attention was paid to every detail.

Well over $30,000 to make it runs great and cosmetic condition is excellent, along with low hours.

It has been used 1/4 the time on a studio lots, but the rest of the time kept indoors on display.

Batman Tumbler 5

Tech Specs:
4-link Rear Suspension with Coil Covers
Brand New 6 Trojan Gell Cell 8 volt batteries have been replaced for this sale. Pictures taken before.
Rear disc breaks were installed to allow stopping quickly.
500 Amp Controller
(Replaced with a Go-Cart Motor) 48 Volts 6HP 4600 RPMs (Clocked at 38MPH)
Standard golf carts are always in your rear view mirrors!
Custom made Dual 28″ Super Swamper tires – smaller version of the Original Tumbler Tires from the Movie.
110 Volt Converter
On Board Charger
Secret Kill switch as an anti theft device
4 Cup Holders
iPad – Stand
Lights, side mirrors
Horn with a noise that is as equal in stature.
Rear warning backup buzzers
Adjustable Leather Seats
Batman Logo on a Sports Steering Column.

Batman Tumbler 2

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