A ‘Batman V Superman’ Viral Site Hints At Another DC Villain Appearing

Lex Luthor, in Batman V Superman, is very different from the arrogant bald guy we know from the comics and the real estate scammer played by Gene Hackman. He’s much closer to his mad scientist roots, and that’s amply illustrated by a new viral site that just went live.

Officially, according to the site, you’re helping to test out “Lex/OS,” a neural network based operating system. In theory, as you finish simple puzzles and get increasing levels of LexCorp clearance, you’re also teaching an AI how to better think. You also happen to be unlocking files in the LexCorp system and getting increasing access to sensitive information.

Because we’re dealing with Superman, and Lex Luthor’s arrogance, all this feels a lot like hinting at Brainiac. Brainiac is, as you might have guessed, a malevolent artificial intelligence who enjoys trolling Superman and abducting various alien races to shrink down and keep in jars. While he’s popular in the comics, he’s never really had a shot in the movies, not least because, well, his name is Brainiac. Rumor has had it Brainiac has a role to play in the upcoming Justice League, so setting him up here would make a lot of sense.

We won’t know for sure until March 25, of course. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Batman V Superman has yet another villain in the wings.

(via ScreenRant)

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