Dig Deeper Into The ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer And Catch All Of The Easter Eggs You Likely Missed

Have you caught the new Batman V Superman trailer yet? Of course you have. It’s an exciting opportunity to marinate in some thrilling batgentleman-on-Kryptonian action ahead of the film’s March 2016 debut. Have you unpacked everything there is to find in the preview for this blockbuster offering? If not, we have quite the study aid for you.

We’ll send off a POTENTIAL SPOILER flare here for safety’s sake.

Mr. Sunday Movies has given the Batman V Superman trailer the full geek out treatment with an obsessive video looking at every lil’ easter egg, reference and curio plugged into the buzzed about sneak peek. Our friendly (if easily riled up) narrator picks apart each little interaction, image and potential clue with investigative gusto. Want to dig a little deeper into to Clark Kent, Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne’s chat? The added details are there for you to gobble up, you detail gobbling monster you.

If you like your trailer analysis on the obsessive side, this whiz-bang four minute video should tick your necessary boxes. The film itself (which will hopefully answer why Batman’s lugging a gun around) is slated to arrive next summer and give us more to dissect.

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