Here’s How ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Should Have Ended

The video above contains spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

How It Should Have Ended is back with another alternate version of a blockbuster movie, and this parody is perhaps the best one yet. Well, it’s definitely one of the longest, racking up eight minutes of jokes about this long-ass dawn. When your movie is two and a half hours long and somehow incredibly dull despite having Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in it, there’s plenty to parody.

They point out numerous weird details about the plot, ways both Batman and Superman could have easily won the fight, the absurdity of Lex Luthor’s plan, and more. There’s even a cameo by Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, who turns out to really be Deadpool making another fourth wall-breaking joke. (Good timing, considering we just learned Deadpool beat Batman V Superman in the North American market.)

If we had to pick a favorite part, it might be The Flash’s alternate warning about the future, or perhaps the silly reason Batman was suddenly total besties with Superman.

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(Via How It Should Have Ended)