‘Batman V Superman’ Finally Reveals Jena Malone’s Role

There’s been a lot of curiosity over just who Jena Malone was playing in Batman V Superman before her role got cut from the theatrical release. We later learned we’d find out just who she was on the longer R-rated cut for the Blu-Ray, and, of course, now that this cut is out in the wild ahead of its July 16th release date, we know who she’s playing. Spoilers below!

Turns out Malone is not, in fact, Barbara Gordon or Batgirl, but instead the obscure Superman character Jenet Klyburn. Klyburn was a scientist at STAR Labs in the comics, who pitched in with various problems Superman faced, and who last appeared nearly thirty years ago. DC loves its deep cuts choosing characters, and this is undeniably amusing. But it also tells us a few things.

First, it indicates that Batgirl is still on the table for the ladies-only Harley Quinn movie Margot Robbie is putting together at Warner Bros, although we shouldn’t necessary rule out Barbara Gordon turning up in Suicide Squad as Oracle, especially if the rumors of Scott Eastwood as Nightwing turn out to be true. Secondly, it’s quite curious Malone would be hired to play such a minor character unless she was going to have some more bearing on the DC Universe going forward, but what is that, exactly? Finally, it just adds to the intrigue of what the heck happened in Gotham. As we’ve pointed out, there are a host of unanswered questions about Batman’s past, like why Wayne Manor is a burned-out husk and while millions of dollars of waterfront property, including what’s clearly the former central precinct of the Gotham PD, is just left abandoned.

Of course, she also could have just missed the fight in Batman V Superman because it was leg day. She’s got to keep up with Dad, after all.

(Via Comic Book)