‘Batman V Superman’ Has Relegated Jena Malone To The Blu-Ray

Besides the R-rating, there will be another reason for nerds to shell out for the director’s cut of Batman V Superman. Namely, if they want to find out whether or not the rumors about Jena Malone’s role are true, because she’s been cut out of the theatrical release.

It’s not clear just who Malone might be playing, although rumor does have it she’s Barbara Gordon, injured in the collapse of Wayne Tower during the climactic fight in Man of Steel. She’s also been rumored to play Carrie Kelly, the Robin from The Dark Knight Returns, which would jibe with the movie’s older Batman and his taste for beating up Superman with power armor. Or she could be playing Jimmy Olsen, for all we know. Or maybe she’s just swearing every five seconds as Bruce Wayne’s mechanic. Hey, she’s got range.

This does raise the question of why she was cut, though. This is a movie packed with cameos and nods, to the point where the Flash will appear in a dream sequence seemingly just to remind us he’s got his solo film debut coming, and the movie is at a fairly hefty two and a half hours. That said, Malone also appears to have her slate free for 2017, and Justice League starts filming next month, so we may not have seen the last of Malone in DC movies.

(via The Wrap)