‘Batman V Superman’ May Get A Special Edition Galaxy S7 Edge

Batman V Superman has no shortage of “promotional partners.” Samsung happens to be one of them, and they’re going all out with a special-edition phone.

The Galaxy S7 Edge hasn’t been revealed yet — that’s supposed to happen next week — but rumors are already rampant that there’s a Batman V Superman special edition of it in the works. The Galaxy Edge is notable for having a screen that wraps around one side of the phone, putting icons on the side where you can easily tap them. In other words, it’s the kind of phone Batman would love. Superman probably still has an iPhone 4S he got for free four years ago. Look, reporters don’t get paid that well, and it’s not like people are rushing to give Superman a stipend for fighting Solomon Grundy or anything.

If this is true, we likely won’t see it until closer to the movie’s release, and you’ll likely pay a premium on top of the $780 or so the Galaxy Edge currently costs. As for what it will look like, Samsung’s Iron Man phone from last year seems like a good model, and we might even see two versions, just like Superman and Batman got their own cereals. Really, the main question now is whether the Batman phone comes with any gadgets.

(Via Android Authority)