‘Batman V Superman’ May Have A Secret Villain That’s Even More Threatening Than Doomsday

For months, it was rumored that Superman-killer himself Doomsday would be showing up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the movie’s latest trailer confirmed it. That said, this cinematic version of Doomsday is still somewhat shrouded in mystery.

We know the new Doomsday is somehow created by Lex Luthor from General Zod’s DNA, but Patrick Tatopoulos, a production designer on the movie, shed some more light on why Luthor makes Doomsday. Warning: There might be some Batman v Superman spoilers ahead.

“Doomsday is an evolution essentially. Fans may be aware of the death of Superman story, but this is handled in such a new way. Superman isn’t just killed off at the end of something. We see how he evolves as part of Lex’s plan to protect the world. Seeing the Superman we know, be gone, and then replaced with this reproduction is really going to make fans think of how we look at these super beings. It was especially interesting to figure out, how would you create Superman from Zod…then how would that involve into Doomsday.”

So, it sounds like Doomsday is made to be a Superman replacement, rather than strictly a weapon, and things go wrong. That wasn’t the only tidbit Tatopoulos dropped. He also strongly implied that Doomsday isn’t the biggest, baddest villain in Batman v Superman

“The final act isn’t just Doomsday. Those feeling they may know too much this early, are going to be in for a true surprise. That’s something to find out on March 25th.”

Our own eagle-eyed Dan Seitz thought the Batman v Superman trailer was hinting at an appearance by Darkseid, so could this be further evidence the DC Universe’s top villain may debut in the movie? We’ll find out for sure when Batman v Superman hits theaters March 25, 2016.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)