These May Be The First Photos Of Gal Gadot On The Set Of ‘Batman Vs Superman’

UPDATE: A close-up set photo now available.

A few outlets are posting these two photos of Gal Gadot published on the Twitter account of Michael Heidner, who says, “Batman vs. Superman filming right outside Google office in Downtown Birmingham.”

We’re not entirely convinced Gal Gadot is currently in costume as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) on the Birmingham, Michigan, set of Batman vs. Superman, although we do believe it’s really her in the photograph, looking positively statuesque as always.

Despite our bit of skepticism about whether she’s in costume or in her own clothes, we can’t pass up a possible Diana Prince photo when people are clamoring for any Batman vs. Superman news they can get, whether it’s the first and second pictures of the Batmobile, Ben Affleck in costume, or Sad Batman memes. We’re hoping additional set photos will pop up to confirm Heidner’s tweets. After all, we don’t want to be left waiting for Gadot.

Via @Mike0686 via CBM