‘Battleborn’ Is The Crazy, Colorful New Game From The Makers Of ‘Borderlands’

07.08.14 4 years ago 9 Comments


We’re getting a new Borderlands game in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel this year, but series creators Gearbox aren’t actually making that game. Instead, Gearbox is working on the all-new, just revealed title, Battleborn.

Battleborn is an online battle arena game in the vein of League of Legends, but with a very Gearbox aesthetic, which is to say it’s bright, colorful, stylized and full of elves, guys with giant guns and gentlemen robots. Check out an eye-popping trailer below…

I’ve never really got into the whole MOBA thing, but if Gearbox can sprinkle some of their Borderlands magic over the genre, I might be willing to give it a try.

Via Kotaku

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