‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie Planned Again As ‘A Massive Event Franchise’

Another year, another attempt at getting the Battlestar Galactica movie off the ground. Universal has been gestating this project since the beloved Syfy reboot series wrapped up in 2009. Back in 2011, Bryan Singer exited an Excalibur remake to board a Battlestar Galactica movie which would be based on the 1978 original series, with series creator Glen Larson on board as a producer. In 2014, he left the project and Universal hired Transcendence writer Jack Paglen to rewrite the Battlestar Galactica script as “a complete re-imagining of the story.” This was before Transcendence opened in theaters. *clears throat*

Anyway, Universal is still trying to line up the right director and script, but it sounds like they have an influx of production money thanks to three new producers. The Hollywood Reporter says Michael De Luca (Fifty Shades of Grey), Scott Stuber (Ted 2), and Dylan Clark (Ted 2) have boarded Battlestar Galactica as producers, and Universal “is hoping to launch a massive event franchise.”

A massive event franchise, you say? This maaaaay have some correlation with Star Wars: The Force Awakens passing the $2 billion mark. The original series capitalized on Star Wars‘ popularity back in 1978, so why not repeat some history? ONE MORE!

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)