‘Batwoman’ Creators Quit Citing Editorial Interference And A Refusal To Let Kate Kane Get Married

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gammasquadbatwoman3Thankfully DC never meddled with the pointiness of Batwoman’s breasts. 

Batwoman has been somewhat of a mixed bag since the beginning of the New 52. The writing has been a bit rough without Greg Rucka (who also quit DC a couple years ago) and frequent story and art fill-ins have messed with the book’s flow, but still, it certainly has been a unique title. A strange soapy, supernatural mix with some incredibly beautiful art that seemed to sit apart from most of the New 52 universe.

Well, seems as through some big changes are in store for Batwoman’s weird little world, because creators J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman have walked off the book

Williams and Blackman are laying the blame on frequent “eleventh hour” editorial changes to stories that had been in the works for months or even years. According to the two, DC Editorial nixed a Killer Croc origin story, significantly altered the ending to the current Batwoman arc, and refused to let Batwoman marry her fiancée Maggie Sawyer.

Obviously it’s the last one that’s grabbing most of the headlines, but Williams has gone out of his way to point out that the wedding wasn’t banned because of any sort of anti-gay marriage stance by DC — they just don’t want any of their top heroes married to anyone, because apparently marriage is dumb and boring (even when it involves sexy lesbians).

So far DC’s only statement on the situation is to reiterate the whole “we don’t hate gay people” thing…

“As acknowledged by the creators involved, the editorial differences with the writers of ‘Batwoman’ had nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the character.”

Don’t worry DC, we know you don’t hate gay people. Creative people on the other hand, well, sometimes I’m not so sure.

Williams and Blackman will end their run with issue #26 of Batwoman. Where the title goes from there is anyone’s guess as DC hasn’t announced any replacements yet. If Batwoman continues on whoever takes over has their work cut out of them, as the weird, beautifully illustrated world Williams and Blackman built is going to be tough for anyone else to inhabit.

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